• I've made a new message because I believe this is on a different topic, one that can be implied generally and that I should know, so please get back to me on this one.

    How do I make a new page if a character's name changes? Do I just make an original new page, or put in the old data on a new page? Also, how can I get rid of the old page, and get the searches for it to pop up for the new page? Basically, how do I make a redirect?

    In Saga #39 (the series continues to be awesome btw), it turns out that the Freelancer Agent's name is Erving. I believe this merits his page title to be changed to Erving (Saga). How can I do this?

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    • Okay please get back to me on this at some point, I'll just fill in the issue for now still calling the character "Freelancer Agent (Saga".

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    • Oh snap! Sure, so the best thing to do is to move it. There's a Move page that User:DeCastilane has not been trained how to use :)

      So to answer directly, I think you need admin powers to "rename" a page, and it should be done with a redirect. An admin (preferably) should run AWB to change all redirects to the new page.

      For right now, ABSOLUTELY just update the current page. I can move it :)

      You know someone else revealed that his name was Erving before that issue. I didn't believe them. I wonder if it was revealed in the end section of the comic. I guess now it's officially confirmed and I look like a fool :)

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    • Now I'm wondering how that person got the info, because I sure as heck didn't see it... oh and dw I think the page is updated

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