• Hey have you ever checked out the image template? As in the template to put on an image?

    Check out File:Hand_to_Hand_001.jpg and hit the edit button. You'll see when you put character names in the subject1, 2, etc that it automatically adds it to the images page for that character Category:Anthony_Chu_(Chew)/Images.

    So for example, you added File:Cheveyo_(East_of_West)_of_East_of_West_Vol1_02.jpg. This doesn't show up in Category:Cheveyo_(East_of_West)/Images because of that. So if you added the template it would automatically link images of that character to the respective character pages and you wouldn't have to maintain gallery pages. Usually Gallery is to show off key elements and outfits etc. Like a highlights reel.

    Also, filling out that template will fill out the illustrator and colourists info too. So checking out Rob Guillory you can see all the images he's penciled or inked etc when their template is filled out.

    Just thought I'd drop that tip in case you didn't know.

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    • I meant to go back and fix that last night, but I teach on Monday and Thursday nights and by the time I was home, I just fell asleep in my chair. I will go back and make sure I got the other pix I uploaded recently.

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    • Wait a minute, I fixed it, but either the link is bad or I'm doing something wrong.

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