• Hello, Ben 1,000,911. How you've been?

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    • Hi! I've been good, thanks for asking, how about you? And listen, I don't know when our conflict first started, but I really had a terrible year. I know that sounds like an excuse, like "you can maybe have a bad week or month but a year? come on that's exaggerating" but really SO many bad things happened to me in 2018 it was insane. I don't say that for sympathy, I just want you to know that I became a different person. You might not have known me before 2018 but there's a reason I was granted the position of admin on this wiki, and it wasn't for the bullying and petulant behavior I exhibited all of last year. I'm supposed to care not just about this wiki, but also about its users that appreciate Image Comics as much as I do. I'm not supposed to antagonize or ignore them. I feel changed, similar to how I was before last year, and I've reflected on many things in my personal life. You're not one of the things in my "personal" life obviously, and I'm glad I got a notification that you were unblocked because otherwise I might have forgotten. But upon reflecting I realize that I was completely in the wrong. I'm in a position of power and I have no right to abuse it just because I'm feeling terrible or I disagree with someone.

      And I realize I'm rambling and these paragraphs may not even have a good cohesive structure but my point is I feel awful about what I did to you. As for the matter at hand, yeah I looked at the issue you're right dude that's totally a female idk how I didn't notice that before. I also don't know why I was so adamant on it being a male, that's just kind of a weird thing to harp on about so I'm sorry I don't know where my stubbornness about that came from either lol. So anyway to wrap up: I'm in a great place right now and I know nothing can beat the hell that was 2018. I don't know how old you are but I'm in college, and it's a wild time. If you've done that or are in it, you know what I'm talking about. If you're not there yet or are someone who didn't go to college after high school, I'm sure you've heard about it from your peers. Go ahead and make whatever edits you want, that's your right as a user. As an admin, if I disagree we can talk about it, but I won't block you again unless you like plagiarize or something. Hope to see you around here

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