Fair enough, lemme summarize. This particular user has exhibited behavior in the past that on any other wiki would have gotten him/her banned permanently, but despite this as well as an intense situation that was weighing on my mind and making me hate the world, I decided to only block the user temporarily. Then, the Thokk edit occurred which originally I disagreed with. The user started acting uncivil yet again. But I've never been a fan of permanent blocks unless someone is a troll, so I banned the user for a bit longer but not for forever. I had hoped the time away would give the user time to reflect, but instead the user went on Community Central and tried to discredit me and my commitment to wikia.

There's something going on that I simply can't have the public world know about, so I'll only tell you if by chance you can go on chat sometime, but that combined with the user's behavior pissed me off. The best thing I could think to do when the user contacted me again was to ignore him/her until the block I had set would lift. When the user returned, I had prayed something would have changed. Nothing did. So I decided to do the closest thing I could think of to a permanent ban because honestly that's what I should have done in the first place, I was way too lenient before.

Seeing this message from you made me check the user's history on Community Central, and along with you he/she also attempted to contact other folks such as Una. Knowing all this, I'm sure you can see that the user's message to you is ridiculous, c'mon. Upon further examination I do think the user was right about the Thokk edit, so fine he/she told me so. But the user's behavior is unacceptable. I've dealt with enough shits to know one when I see one bro. Alec Xavier Verse, aka intoxicatelou, for example, if you're familiar with either of that particular person's identities. My point is, the user phrased this way out of context to you. I wouldn't want you to waste your time on him/her, expecially if you're busy with work man.

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