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  • Cogliostro
  • Gareb
  • Max Kivala, the private investigator at the park (First Appearance)




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Synopsis for "Dominoes"

Tony Twist pulls into an abandoned junkyard. He meets with Castellano and orders him to head to Rome. He wants him to see the boss and tell him that they are sorry about what happened to Overkill.

Angela pulls into a New York City train station. She grabs a news paper and sees that Wanda Blake has won the case to free Kyle Watson. She's unknowingly followed by two street thugs who approach her in the alley. When she attacks them, with each hit the thunder of heaven can be heard. She leaves the men to wallow in pain.

Angela walks into Terran Affairs Headquarters and demands to know why she wasn't contacted about the new Hellspawn. Gabrielle informs her, that the Hunting Permit was denied, and Angela calls her out that she is holding a personal grudge against her.

Wanda meets with her PI contact, Max Kivala, in the park. In the distance, an unseen photographer takes evidence of Wanda meeting with him. The man hands her police evidence of a fingerprint from the child killer case. She learns it wasn't Watson's, which implies there is another killer and that Watson was setup. She thinks it is a conspiracy within the police. Max tells her someone with power is covering for this killer, someone with power and she needs to be careful.

Spawn (Al Simmons) surprises the man who was taking photographs of Wanda and demands to know what he's doing. When the man tries to shoot Spawn, he rips his arm off and continues pressing him for answers. Rather than tells Spawn anything, the man takes his own life by shooting himself in the head.

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Jason Wynn presses Terry Fitzgerald for who the man who broke into their weapons facility. Terry says he notices that there is internal corruption at his agency. Someone is diverting weapons shipment. Wynn tells him to stay on the case and dismisses him.

As he leaves, Wynn turns to Chapel and is frustrated he's uncovered his internal activities. He puts in a DVD of Overkill's last recorded moments, and sees the scene with Spawn killing him.

Clown watches Spawn from a distance and laughs as he continues his downward spiral of hatred.

Sam Burke and Twitch Williams discuss the Stevens murders.[1] They turn on the news to hear that Senator Scott McMillan has entered the race to become president. They discuss the resent attack at the park. They're confused why a D.C. photographer ended up in the park, and how he was killed.

Chapel surprises Gravano in his house. He kills both of the women he was sleeping with and Jason Wynn walks in. He tells him he didn't want any witnesses, and asks about how Overkill was killed. He tells him to help find out about Spawn, and in exchange will help protect him from Rome. He intercepts a package from Rome and shows him it's a head with a note stating that Rome is not happy.

At her apartment, Wanda and Max meet again. Max hands her a file getting her closer to the evidence of the child-killer.

While Spawn sleeps, he has nightmares of his past life and Hell. He wakes up to hear Gareb screaming. His outfit is attacking him and he instantly stops it. Gareb offers him food and Spawn rejects his offers of friendship. He tells Gareb he needs to figuring things out, and Gareb says he needs to stop thinking and instead do something about it. Cogliostro tells him Gareb is a friend, and Spawn tells him to get lost.


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