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Synopsis for "Access Denied"

Spawn experiences visions of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake making love. Spawn wakes up and yells at the Clown for putting those visions in his head. The Clown leaves and asks if he truly knows Terry.

Jason Wynn starts monitoring Terry. He tells Merrick to send for Leon and a hillbilly from the Russian mob to take care of the Fitzgerald situation.

Terry returns to Wanda in their home. He tells Wanda he needs to disappear for a few days. Wanda asks if he's performing field assignments. As they discuss, a hidden bug in the room relays the conversation to a man outside listening secretly in his car. He tells someone on the phone that Terry is on route. As a man pulls a gun to attack Terry, Spawn intercedes and asks where Terry is headed. The thug admits he's heading to the warehouse.

A police officer pulls up and finds Jess Chapel freaking out in the alleys where the Stevens murders occurred.[1]

At the station, Sam Burke and Twitch Williams walk in to find Chapel out of his mind and muttering how he's killed Al already.

Jason Wynn gets a call from Chief Banks that he's been picked up. Wynn agrees to come pick him up.

As Terry heads to the warehouse, a car attempts to side-swipe him but Terry avoids the collision. They enter a high speed chase as Spawn watches from the rooftops above. Terry is soon hit by another vehicle and pulled out of his vehicle by Mafia men. A woman walks up and shows him a fake picture of selling arms to a terrorist. She pulls a gun on him and says she will execute him for 'resisting arrest'. Spawn attacks granting Terry a chance to escape.

Leon arrives and they trap Terry in a building. Merrick tells Leon to head in and she'll be her eyes and ears.

Inside, Terry hacks the computer to find the weapons cache information. He hears footsteps behind him and ducks out of the way as Leon and the Hillbilly open fire on him.

Merrick walks in to find the police officer Terry subdued when entering the building. She murders him in cold blood to keep any witnesses from talking. She looks at the computer monitors and announces on the intercom about where Terry is located in the building. They open fire on Terry having now spotted him on the catwalks.

Spawn disables the cameras to assist Terry and blind Merrick. The Clown asks why Spawn doesn't pop him for taking his wife. Spawn replies he needs him alive until he knows the truth.

Terry finds Wynn's weapons cache with Wynn's signature signing off. Terry realizes that Wynn is a traitor as Merrick finds him on the security cameras.

Terry attempts to stumble out of the building as he's now been caught. Spawn catches him and uses his powers to learn the truth of what happened. He sees Terry had good intentions for Al and promised he would find out who killed him.

Merrick, Leon, and the Hillbilly walk in on Spawn and Terry. Terry shoots the power switch and escapes in the darkness, passing out on the roof. When Wynn's men come to take care of Terry, Spawn takes them out. Merrick escapes after watching Spawn strangle Leon and murder the Hillbilly. Spawn takes Terry to safety.

When Cogliostro asks why he let Terry go, Spawn is shocked and demands to know how he knew he had let him go. Cog tells Spawn he's not the only one touched by the curse.


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