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Synopsis for "Colors of Blood"

A man waits in a car outside the Fitzgerald house and speaks with Merrick on the phone. She instructs him that Jason Wynn is still inside the house. She then warns the man to kill everyone in the house when Wynn leaves if Terry comes home.

Inside, Wynn informs Wanda Blake that Terry Fitzgerald is a traitor and shows her the evidence of him at the warehouse.

Two junkies smoke crack and start beating up bums in the alley. They tell them to never return as Sam Burke and Twitch Williams pull up in their police vehicle. They slam on their breaks when an innocent bum, Hank, stumbles in front of the vehicle. Hank tells them, "he's coming" and they assume he's drunk or paranoid.

A satanic reverend and his worshipers walk into the alley. They offer the kids money to sell drugs for them. Sam pulls up and roughs up the reverend for messing with kids. Later, the reverend continues selling drugs to the riffraff. When a bum sees what they are doing, they chase him down and rough him up.

Later, several bums walk the murdered man to a grave. Some of them talk about needing their guardian angel to protect them. Spawn watches on and feels that he doesn't need to be their guardian angel. When he sees the woman crying over her loss, he has a flashback to a moment when he was intimate with Wanda.

Gareb sees Spawn and pleads for help. He tells them the drug pushers are hurting them, and Spawn tells him he doesn't kill for others anymore. Gareb tells Spawn that he's scared and that he wants Spawn to help him, as Spawn walks away.

Spawn watches from the alleys as the Reverend murders more bums and humiliates them by making their women dance for them. Spawn has flashbacks to his time in the service and burying fellow friends.

Deciding it was time to act, Spawn finally takes out the Reverend's men. He leaves the Reverend to the bums, who drag him to the sewers to bury him in the water with their lost friends.


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