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Synopsis for "Sends in the KKKlowns"

A Klu Klux Klan member thinks about the KKK mission statement and how there are invaders who are taking their land and property. He heads to Brooklyn, New York in a cab. In a warehouse, a Jewish man is hung and murdered. They think about serving their master, Malebolgia.

Jason Wynn and Merrick discuss finding Terry Fitzgerald. They decide to go after Wanda Blake and see if they can find him through her. Jason calls her and asks for a dinner meeting. He tells her he'll send a car to pick her up.

Meanwhile, a cab driver hijacks two civilians in a cab and murders them in an alley.

At the bar, Wanda asks Wynn if her husband is being charged with a crime after she saw the pictures.[1] Wynn tells her he'll do everything in his power to help find him. When she receives a call from Terry, she heads to a payphone to take the call without informing Wynn. On the phone, Terry tells her to meet him at their old bar. Wanda excuses herself and leaves. Wynn's men continue to trail her as she heads to the bar.

Elsewhere, Terry Fitzgerald hangs out at a bar. He's followed by a man from the shadows. When he waits outback, he is suddenly attacked by the man and tied up and brought to a warehouse.

As Terry wakes up, he looks up to see other bodies hung up and murdered.

As Wanda circles the same block several times, Wynn's men get the order to disable her vehicle. They ram her vehicle into an alley and threaten her to get out of the alley. Spawn attacks them from the shadows.

Meanwhile, Terry escapes from the men who knocked him out. Spawn watches Terry leaves and enters the building to kill them.


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