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Synopsis for "Hellzapoppin"

At the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Jason Wynn detects someone in the shadows. He holds a gun and discovers Spawn. Spawn threatens Wynn's life and then disappears. Wynn suddenly comes back to his senses and thinks he dreamed the whole experience.

Cogliostro continues to advise Spawn to let Wanda Blake go. He tells him he can't send Wynn to hell and feed Malebolgia's plan. He explains Malebolgia used to be his master one day as well. He promises to show him how to break the curse.

Wynn watches a news report about his stolen weapons. Clown suddenly appears on the TV. When Merrick walks in, she doesn't see anything on the TV.

Terry Fitzgerald is being interrogated by the police that arrested him. Sam Burke and Twitch Williams meet with Lisa Wu who asks them questions about the string of murders. She tells them she suspects that the suspect they are holding, Terry, is a fed and agrees to exchange information for help.

At dinner, Wynn tells Merrick that Spawn is in his head. He feels that there's a familiarity with the visions but he can't quite put his finger on it. Suddenly he gets a call from the police that there is a press member digging around the office.

In Queens, New York, Lisa visits Wanda.

Spawn attacks Wynn's headquarters. Before Spawn kills Wynn, he's warned by Cog that if he kills Wynn, he'll come back as powerful as he is now. He lets Wynn live with the final warning that he leave Fitzgerald and his wife out of trouble. After he disappears, Wynn calls Chief Banks. The Clown appears and tells him its time for them to talk.

Meanwhile at the police precinct, the officers holding Terry are instructed by Banks to let him go. Terry walks out to a pay phone and calls Wanda and tells her he's coming home.


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