Quote1 I do this -- I become an EMP battery -- short the bomb -- and become Led's poison forever. Quote2
-- Debbie Decay

Appearing in "I'll be your poison"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jerome (Only appearance; dies)
  • Takara


Other Characters:

  • Flak (Mentioned only)




Plot Synopsis for "I'll be your poison"

Kazumi is dying in her home as Debbie Decay and her closest family comfort her in her final moments. As a final wish, she tells Debbie she must take the sword of hers. She has in it, the secret to the EMP -- her own body has been powering the it. Years ago, she tells the story of how she was researching a serum to be used as a weapon. It would allow one to communicate with plant and animal life. However, a side affect was it neutralized technology. Rather than use it as a weapon, Kazumi escaped with the serum and used it to save herself and Japan.

As Debbie walks away with the blade, Jerome, her husband, approaches her and tells her to return the blade to the village. He tells her Kazumi is out of her mind and can't be trusted with decisions.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by a fellow villager who barges in to inform them they are under siege.

Led Dent has returned and rips through the villagers on his bike now that Kazumi can no longer hold the EMP. He is given instructions by Davey Trauma to destroy the island for sure so that they can take their resources. Debbie brazenly stands in his way to see if the Teddy she knows is still inside. He swerves his bike so as to avoid hitting her at the last second and she is filled with hope.

She grabs Takara and attempts to bring him to safety. They climb a tower until they get to a safe spot where Takara heads underground to protect himself as the village burns around him.

Meanwhile, Jerome attempts to stop Led but has his head crushed in the fight. Debbie returns to stop Led but is too late as he arms a bomb. He grabs Debbie and attempts to ride her on his bike to safety. However, she escapes and returns to stop the bomb. However, the bomb is locked. She injects herself with serum in an attempt to EMP the bomb but it ignites, blowing up the island.

Meanwhile, Led watches in horror as the bomb destroys the island from afar. A squadron of helicopters arrive led by Constable Thrash. He congradulates Led on the job as the foreigners set foot on the island.

Solicit Synopsis

As Eden burns around her, Debbie fights to save the man she loves from the monster he’s become.


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