"Way to take a bump Z." - Trix


Trix works at the Open Circuit television broadcasting company, managing the actors who perform on its shows. Zipless (Alana), K-Fabe and Yuma are all employed by Trix. She appears to have quite a rough, abrupt demeanour of someone who has minimal care for the wellbeing of her employees. After Zipless responded badly to the audience when they heckled her, Trix threatened to fire Zipless. Yuma claimed that she would also leave the OC if Zipless was fired, though Trix replied by saying that "Set designers come cheap." This demonstrates her mentality towards those who're beneath her. Despite the seemingly obvious drug use within the Open Circuit, Trix appears to


be unaware of its rampancy, though she may've fired those who flouted the rules and used fadeaway if she knew of it happening. The fact that Trix is wearing a microphone suggests she's holding a powerful managerial position within the Circuit as she's able to easily communicate with the actors and other workers in the facility.


When Dengo demands to have access to the OC's broadcasting facility, Trix denies his request which triggers Dengo to fatally shoot her. However, Yuma agreed to give him access in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Alana. In this sense, Trix needn't have died because Yuma was happy to release confidential details which would've saved Trix's life. 

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