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    March 5, 2016 by Unatratnag

    Sorry all for being so slow on things. I'm in the process of moving. Meaning all my comics are packed up and I have limited free time. Hopefully, that should clear up soon!

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  • Unatratnag

    I wanted to wait until issue 2 on this before writing a review. The only reason I read this series was because of Jeff Lemire. I thought his work on Sweet Tooth was absolutely brilliant and I have loved his Image Comics work with Descender so far! It also didn't hurt that the colors are by Jordie Bellaire. Can we all take a moment to bask in the genius of Jordie's color work? Ever piece she works on to the point where I'm not sure how she's able to pull off so many different styles, but it really is quite impressive!

    So Plutona, the world'd greatest superhero is found dead by a rag tag assembly of five middle age children. It sounds like an ET discovery tale where several children are brought together to overcome their differences with a co…

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  • Unatratnag

    Axcend Review - Issue 1

    October 10, 2015 by Unatratnag

    I've had a long history in gaming, including competitively. I knew from reading the solicit synopsis I would check out ... but I admit I had my hesitations. Here's why:

    My wife and I recently finished watching the first season of Sword Art Online. We had heard great things about this show about people being stuck in a massive multi-player online game. The second part of the story suffered from lack of villain characterization and my wife had a hard time following some of the nerd lingo which I had to constantly explain. I was worried this first issue of Axcend would cater too much to a particular audience and lose the sense of wonderment of what it's like to be lost in games and the center of many of my wild imaginations.

    Reading Axcend, you…

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  • Unatratnag

    New Achievements

    March 7, 2015 by Unatratnag

    We've posted new achievements. Two new categories were added. One for editing good characters, and one for editing bad characters. Look forward to reading more about your guys' favorite characters! There's no question that mine is Tony Chu!!! Love this series Chew, check it out if you haven't already!

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