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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Charnel (appears in both flashback and main story)
  • S.H.O.C.s (flashback only)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for the 1st Story

Savage Dragon takes Velocity to his police station, and a database search links Charnel to a nearby prison.  On the way there, Velocity recalls her past and deems herself a coward for not dealing with Charnel on her own.  At the prison, a doctor reveals that Charnel is Willie Cantrell, a former inmate who volunteered for an experimental treatment after learning he was dying of cancer.  The treatment mutated him into his current form and drove him insane.  Obsessed with death, he renamed himself Charnel and escaped. Just then, Charnel breaks through the wall and attacks.  Velocity pulls an injured cop from harm’s way while Dragon tackles Charnel.  They tumble outside into an alley where Velocity rams Charnel with a dumpster, pushing him onto a nearby highway.  Dragon takes Velocity to a safehouse.  When she asks about his background, he tells her about his amnesia and his view of fighting supervillains.  A cop arrives with dinner, but Velocity recognizes him as Charnel in disguise and attacks him.  After leading him on a chase through the city, she offers him a deal. Afterward, she leaves Dragon a note and runs to the mutant housing project in Brooklyn seeking help. Mother-May-I appears and agrees to hear Velocity out.

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