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Vicious Circle

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The city of Chicago has been infamous for organized crime since before the time of the notorious Al Capone. The mobs ruled over Chicago for decades and they eventually fell under the rule of the ambitious Antonio Seghetti. Seghetti seized control of the mobs and his ruthlessness enabled him to remain in that position for years.

Unfortunately for Seghetti, Chicago was becoming a hot bed for "freak" (mutated and/or super powered beings) activity. The newly settled super-powered "freaks" created their own crime networks that began cutting into Seghetti's mob activities. With the aid of his lieutenant Sebastian Khan, Seghetti sought a way to maintain his control of Chicago over the "freaks" and had a suit of armor built to compensate for not having powers. Khan worked with the CyberData organization to create a weaponized suit of armor for his employer and friend. With the armor covering him head to toe, Seghetti took on the moniker of Overlord.

Using fear and intimidation, Overlord recruited rebellious freaks to join the ranks of his new crime cartel, dubbed the Vicious Circle. The Vicious Circle's power and influence grew as they eventually replaced all other Chicago mobs as the ruling crime syndicate over Chicago by the early 1990s.

Since the 1990s, the Vicious Circle has had over ten leaders, with most of them now deceased from the consequences of their life in crime. Antonio Seghetti was eventually killed by Dragon and his armor has since been passed on to multiple other Vicious Circle goons. The Vicious Circle has survived much in-fighting with splintered groups and internal power plays. Many of the members of the Vicious Circle that joined at it's inception have been killed and most surviving members are past their prime and looking to retire. The next generation of Vicious Circle goons have begun to rule to organization.


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