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Victor is a Russian immigrant who joined the assassin school. He's stock and largely built compared to other students his age.


Victor Deadly Class 002

Victor is attack by British assassins.

His father was one of Stalin's top assassins in the KGB. British assassins tracked down his home and broke in, however, Victor's father was not at home. In retaliation, they raped and murdered Victor's mother as Victor was too weak to stop them. Later when his father returned home, he blamed Victor for being too weak and beat him. Since that day, Victor knew he's spend every minute to become as strong as possible to not put himself in that position.[1]

In School

Early in their Freshman days, Victor was teased by Shabnam during a martial arts class and was humiliated by the teacher. He physically picked on Shabnam in the showers in retaliation. Marcus approached him and defended Shabnam.[2]

Later, Victor still held his grudge and when Marcus was going through relationship issues with Saya, Victor hid in the shadows to spy on Marcus as he overheard their actions at the Tenderloin.[3] Victor later approached Marcus with an ultimatum; he turn himself into Master Lin, or turn his friends into Master Lin for their crimes of murdering at the Tenderloin.[4] Marcus had enough with Victor and planned to murder him. When Victor went on his usual morning run, he was not expecting Marcus to track him. As he entered the showers, he bent over to pick up soap when Marcus fired his gun. The shot barely missed Victor and took off his ear. Victor began to run for his life and pushed past Master Zane who was entering the showers and took a bullet to the head. Victor ran to the auditorium where the school was meeting to hid in plain sight with the rest of the class. At that time, Marcus entered and hid his gun and motives as he sat down to wait out the meeting. However, they were all in shock when Master Lin announced he knew there was murder occurring within the school. He announced their new assignment was to kill those students who have killed others.[5]

Kill the Rats

Deadly Class Vol 1 19 001

Billy is chased by Victor.

Shabnam quickly made his move and teamed up with several students who were not rats, including Victor. He agreed to become the intelligence if Victor would be the military and he offered Victor a large automatic weapon a gesture of their new partnership to kill Marcus.[6] Victor soon spotted Marcus and his crew. However, instead of snipe them from a distance, he wanted to hunt them and give them the death they deserved.[7]

Deadly Class Vol 1 19 002

Billy is beaten.

Victor and his crew soon tracked down Billy. Billy was left to improvise and was savagely beat by Victor. Victor thought Billy was weak and lazy as he told them the story of his past. Just before he was about to kill him, Billy sprung the trap and a stone pillar crushed Victor's back. Marcus and Petra arrived and were surprised Billy had gone through so much when Billy told them he was ditched by Paulie. They then were attacked by Dan, and they fled to the last place anyone would look -- the Tenderloin. However, Victor surprisingly got up, bloody and battered, and was determined to kill the crew and teamed up with Dan to hunt the down.[1]

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