Victoria McFadden

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Real Name
Victoria McFadden
unnamed father (deceased)
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Resistance fighter
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Quote1 Christ, please don't do this. Please don't ruin my dead father. Don't make him hurt me. Quote2
-- Victoria McFadden


Victoria McFadden is the gruff leader of the Two-Four. She accepted Amber into the group[1] and brought her back to the Two-Four Hideout. When she ran recon outside, she was cornered by several American soldiers and was transported back to the Basement.[2]

Victoria tortured in a virtual reality

McFadden was tortured by Ma'am in a virtual reality. Ma'am explained that she would feel all the torture as if it were real but would physically not be harmed. McFadden resisted at first, despite feeling the pains and burns. When she wasn't breaking and giving up the information of where the Two-Four Hidout was, Ma'am presented a new hologram to a technician. Upon being loaded, McFadden was confronted with her late father who threatened to rape her. McFadden gave up and revealed her team's hideout.[3]


When Victoria arrived at a secured detainment center, she was approached by Tommy Roos. He informed her he had hacked glasses he kept hidden from the Americans and asks if she had been in contact with his sister. McFadden resists telling him information as she's concerned this may be another mind trick from the Americans. He gives her some candy and tells her that her sense of taste will be dull in a sim. When she bites it and realizes he's a real Canadian, she regrets to inform him she may have signed her death warrant as she just revealed his sister's location to Ma'am. Tommy tells her it's not his sister he's worried about if she sent Americans after her.[4]

After learning Amber sacrificed her life to take down Ma'am and her ship, the Americans fled Canada and the Canadians at the detainment center rejoiced. Victoria then reassured Tommy that his sister's name will go down with great Canadians such as Fox, Douglas, and the Trudeau's.[5]

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