Vindicator 001
Real Name
Phleboton Spirit of the Upper Ayres (dad, deceased),
Unnamed Mortal (mother, deceased),
Violator (brother),
Vandalizer (brother),
Vacillator (brother),
Vaporizer (brother)
Base Of Operations
Eighth Sphere of Hell

First appearance


Vindicator is one of the five Phlebiac Brothers.

He first spied on Billy Kincaid upon his Billy's arrival in Hell. Acting as a guide, he waited to see if Billy was still a killer before admitting him into Malebolgia's army on the Eighth Sphere of Hell.[1]

Vindicator 002

Vindicator using his Magic.

When his brother, the Violator, was punished by Malebolgia and trapped in his Clown form, Vindicator was the only brother to side with saving Violator's life as he was being hunted by the Admonisher. When the Phlebiac Brothers arrived on earth, Vindicator summoned a Hemisphere of Nacreous Containment spell around them so humans could not enter their city and interfere with their plans.[2]

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  • Phlebiac Trivia: The Phlebiac's personalities are each based on their names.
    • Vacillator: Can never make up his mind and always vacillates between options.
    • Vandalizer: Is the bull-headed one who charges ahead and uses brute physical force to vandalize his opponents.
    • Vaporizer: Always vaporizes his opponents by swallowing them whole as opposed to toying with them like the rest of the Bhlebiac brothers.
    • Vindicator: Likes to rescue people by saving Billy Kincaid in hell and votes to save Violator in his human form when he was in danger.
    • Violator: Like to murder and violate people by violating their bodies and ripping our their hearts.


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