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Vindicator 003

Vindicator protects the Phlebiac Brothers in a Magic spell.

Vandalizer kicks Violator around. He tells him how the brothers didn't want their name tarnished with a human killing him so they are going to kill him instead. Vandalizer has Vindicator create a Hemisphere of Nacreous Containment around them to keep the humans from interfering with their plans.

Admonisher breaks through and asks which one is Roosevelt, a reference to Twists' directions.[1] The Phlebiac Brothers laugh and decide to kill Admonisher. After a brief battle and riddling them with bullets and blowing their brains out, the largest brother Vaporizer grabs Admonisher and swallows him whole.

As the battle rages on, Violator skulks in a corner how he's stuck in his human form. He begins talking to the Tommy head stuck on his arm from his earlier gang shooting. He tells it the story of how he was born of demon father, a Phleboton Spirit of the Upper Ayres, and human mother. The mother was offered by Dr. John Dee who had conjured his father. His mother did not survive the ordeal, and neither did his four brothers' when they were born. He explains how he never got along with his brothers and his dad always took their side. Eventually he murdered his father and took up the role of chief lieutenant in Malebolgia's army.

Angry, Violators smashes the Tommy skull on his arm against the grown repeatedly. Suddenly coming to his senses, he realized he broke his own arm in the process. He is hit with an idea and heads out to the Bowery Alleyways. He finds Spawn and asks for his help with his brothers.


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