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Walter Sampson (Jupiter's Legacy)

Real Name
Walter Sampson
Current Alias
Sheldon, (brother); Sunny (wife); Jules Sampson (son)
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Marital Status
College Degree
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Walter Sampson, the younger brother of Sheldon was one of the six original members of the Union of Justice. Unlike his brother, Walter advocates more direct political activism on the part of superheroes and feels that they need to fix the ailing economy and the president what he should be doing. In his elder years, he created blueprints for fixing global problems involve climate engineering, eliminating the income tax, underground homes, and a ban on all religions. These views brought him into direct conflict with his brother and sister-in-law, Grace.

George Hutchence Walter Sampson Rrunning

In his younger years, Walter and George (also known then as Skyfox) have a relationship marked by both friendship and frequent antagonism on George's part. At one point George challenges Walter to a fencing match where the loser must run naked through Central Park. When Walter is later running naked he is joined by an equally nude George on the run. On another occasion, George has his sidekicks telekinetically rip Walter's penthouse apartment out of its building and place it in Africa. This greatly upset Walter and was even more infuriated when his own brother took George's side in the matter.

When George's girlfriend Sunny breaks up with him and begins dating Walter, it ends George's friendship with him. This later leads George to cut all ties with the rest of the team, especially his best friend, Sheldon.

Walter would eventually marry Sunny and finish the Supermax prison for supercriminals that George designed, though George would eventually bear a vendetta against Walter after Walter tells George that he, Walter, used his telepathy to make Sunny fall in love with Walter, though Walter would deny this to Sheldon

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He has the power of flight and psychic powers that enable him to separate another person's mind from their physical body and imprison them in a "psychic painting" of his own creation,[1][3] which is his "favorite trick".[25] He can also create psychic illusions[30] and kill a person by psychically inducing aneurysms in them.[25] The only person on whom Walter's powers do not work is Sheldon,[30] although Walter's onetime teammate, George Hutchence (aka Skyfox) wore a special set of ear plugs of his own design that blocked Walter's telepathic attacks.[34] Like Sheldon, Walter can travel to and survive at the altitude of orbital satellites.[25] According to Millar, "He isn't as strong or as handsome as his famous sibling and lacks charisma, but he's thoughtful and very aware of his legacy as he hits old age. He's looking around at the financial crash and wondering if he can help in ways other than rescuing kittens from trees and all those nice things superheroes do."

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