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Ward is ex-military. Ward runs security for the Dimensionauts mission.


When Ward and Grant McKay were drinking at Grant's home one day, Ward opened up to Grant. He admitted he wanted to start a family and settle down into a more simple life. He told Grant to appreciate what he had, while Grant retorted that those with happy lives were just hiding their misery.[1]

Indian's Revenge Dimension

Later, Ward and the dimensionauts were thrown into another dimension when the pillar was prematurely activated, and sabotaged by Kadir. As they found themselves in strange world's with unknown dangers, Ward was voted by Grant to lead the dimensionauts while in peril.[2]

They found themselves on a planet where Indian's had advanced technology and were invading Europe. Grant became injured and needed medical attention. Ward retrieved a local Shaman to save Grant when he was mortally wounded. The local Indian took notice and followed them to retrieve their Shamen. The crew retreated and Ward ordered Kadir to help him hold the line to allow the others to escape. When they were under siege by mass amounts of native indian troops, Ward died holding the line while Kadir abandoned him to fight alone and save his own skin.[3] Ward recorded a final comment into his suit as a voice recording. He held Kadir responsible for his death for leaving him in the whole to die.[1]

Grant held himself liable for Ward's death -- as Ward was forced to save him. However, Grant later was hunting down the dimensionauts to retrieve them after they split up. The Pillar Ship brought Grant back to the Indian's Revenge Dimension where he found Ward's corpse and recording. He was relieved to hear that he wasn't directly responsible for his friend's death, but Kadir was the one who was culpable.[1]

Fifth Dimension

Ward takes out his anger in a virus-plagued world.

Ward goes by the name Tacitus. He had a personal hatred for the Kadir, Krotos, of his dimension for setting the plague loose on their world. When he found the first dimension Kadir and attacked him thinking it was Krotos, he was quickly over-powered.

When the Anarchist League of Scientists make their jump out of the universe, Tacitus was shocked to discover their virus had been purified out of the air. Chandra suddenly appeared wearing the same outfit as the Scientists. When Tacitus approached her to thank her, she unleashed an energy attack on the city.[4]

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