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Wernher von Braun is a research physicist who helped develop advanced technology for the Nazi and Allied parties.

Wernher intimidated Helmutt Grottrup into performing much of the rocket research needed for the Nazi party. He then claimed part ownership for the results.[1] He received a bionic arm from Adolf Hitler for his exemplary research for the Nazi party.

Upon an attack at Oberammergau by the allied forces, Wernher ordered a mass suicide of all the scientists so that they did not gain their research secrets. When the allied forces arrived, Wernher sat at the table alive while all of his scientists had died from drinking a spiked drink. He did this to keep himself alive and make himself more powerful for the allied forces to want his power.[2]

When his team attacked and murdered an entire alien Civilization, the acting president Harry Truman ordered and attack on the Manhattan Projects by the FDR AI. Wernher risked his life to unplug the AI and save the entire base from destruction. He lost his legs and half of his face in the struggle when one of the AI's rockets struck him.[3]

At Los Alamos, Wernher von Braun woke up from a multi-month coma. Feynman informed him to slow down and that much has changed as he calibrated his new cybernetic legs and arms. Wernher was shocked to see the new president speaking on TV. When Wernher found out they now had a blank check to perform whatever research they desire, he was beside himself in wonderment.[4]

He was soon put on Project Ares - the arm dedicated to investing in super-rockets to explore space and colonize Mars.[5] However, the Manhattan Project members were soon arrested by Westmoreland for treason and placed in jail. There they were released by a rogue alien brought back by Feynman and Einstein.[6]

He soon pursued finding Laika who had sent them a distress signal. He upset his colleague Yuri when he revealed he only cared about retrieving the technology he was working on and not saving Laika.[7] When they attempted to retrieve Laika's ship, their ship was approached by a D'Hri warship.[8]

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This character is a fictional representation of Wernher von Braun, a real person. More information on this person can be found at


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