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  • USS Nimitz

Synopsis for "Fire From Heaven, Chapter 11 of 14"

A team of Gamorran engineers inspects the ruins of Watchtower Shiva, destroyed earlier by Cybernary's rebels along with Backlash. They report to Kaizen Gamorra that it is completely destroyed and they'll have to build a new one from scratch. Kaizen is livid because that station is key to his intelligence gathering network, and he's determined to make Cybernary pay.

Meanwhile, Backlash and Cybernary lead the team of heroes through the jungle to a place where they've arranged back-up with needed supplies. The former members of Team 7 continue to deteriorate without their Gen-Factor, but they push on. But then Stormwatch helicopters show up and a fight ensues. Caitlin Fairchild is uncomfortable about fighting these U.N. soldiers who probably don't even know what is really going on in Gamorra. The heroes eventually retreat into a cave, which Cybernary reveals is part of a tunnel network so they can continue onward once Union seals the entrance. Elsewhere, a soldier reports to Flashpoint that the heroes escaped from the Stormwatch forces, and Flashpoint is in a rage. On the moon, a ship full of Damocles' alien mercenaries flies over the enormous engine they are constructing, and they note that it is almost complete.

Back in the cave, Mother One and Dane talk while Freefall and Grunge have fun shouting to hear their voices echo. Mother One says that she is having strange feelings about Grail and wants Dane to help her understand them, but then Grail shows up. Grail tells them that Union is gathering everyone together so he can talk to them. They join the group. Union explains the loss of Team 7's Gen-Factor to those who aren't yet aware, and says it's time to take the fight back to Kaizen Gamorra. Cybernary and an army of rebels arrive and agree with Union, saying that Kaizen must be deposed. After planning strategies, the heroes mount mutated horses known as Snarnns and begin an underground journey to Gamorra City.

At one point they have to go up to the surface to switch access tunnels, and they find themselves in the backwater village of Tellaros. They note that the people look utterly defeated by Kaizen's rule. Then there is a blast as Gamorran attack drones appear and move in. A fight breaks out and the heroes are boxed in. Dane says that it looks like Kaizen had an ace up his sleeve, but then Mother One said she did too. At that point Dozer shows up in his enormous battlesuit bristling with weapons. Mother One reveals that they "borrowed" a high grade cloaking device from Waering Industries and that's how Dozer was able to get to them undetected. The battle continues, and at one point Union calls Caitlin by name. She's surprised that he knows her name, but he says it's a long story (see Union #5). In Gamorra City, Kaizen can see the glow from the battle. He says he knew he couldn't trust the Stormwatch buffoons because they don't have the bloodlust he prefers in his security personnel. Rodox suggests activating some harsher help, and a voice from behind them says, "That's just what I was thinking." They turn to see Deathtrap, leader of the Mercs. He says he's there to take over the operation and save Kaizen's butt.

On the moon, the Sword tells Damocles that the spatial motion engines are ready for testing. Damocles says that they can use the energy gained from destroying the Earth to bring his homeworld back to life. They activate the engines and the moon begins to shift its orbit. This wreaks havoc on the Earth below. Besides earthquakes and volcanic explosions, we see an American aircraft carrier about to be overtaken by an enormous tidal wave.


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