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WildStorm Rising

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WildStorm Rising

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WildStorm Rising was a company wide crossover event published by Wildstorm comics in 1995. The story ran across at least one issue of most Wildstorm titles.

The story dealt with the search of three keys that would re-activate the Daemonite warship that crashed on Earth millenia ago, and then the search for the warship itself.


  • Grifter quits the WildC.A.T.s as he cannot accept their alliance of convenience with Hightower.
  • Lord Helspont, presumed dead since the first WildC.A.T.s miniseries, resurfaces alive.
  • Hightower dies after Grifter finds out that he intended to betray the WildC.A.T.s.
  • StormWatch member Sunburst is crippled and falls into a coma.
  • The WildC.A.T.s are presumed dead after flying the ship onto space to stop it from exploding. This causes Majestic and Savant to create a new team of WildC.A.T.s


Core Issues

  1. Wildstorm Rising #1
  2. WildC.A.T.s #19
  3. Union #4
  4. Gen¹³ #2
  5. Grifter #1
  6. Deathblow #16
  7. Wetworks #8
  8. Backlash #8
  9. StormWatch #22
  10. WildStorm Rising #2


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