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  • Anita's Grandmother


  • Albert the butler

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  • Police Interrogation officer




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Antoine Wolfe visits Frederick Azimuth at his home. Azimuth welcomes him as an old acquaintance. He offers him a taste of fresh blood but Wolfe turns him down. Wolfe tells him he's made a promise to a woman and prefers his relationships to be consensual and not coherenced via his mind-control vampire powers. Azimuth reminisces about the times of Iraq, where they could feed freely. He tells Wolfe that the laws in place now are probably for the best. Azimuth brings up Wolfe's ex-wife, Heidi. He wonders if she'll get back at him for how had done wrong to her in the past. Wolfe replies that he never knew what she was, and he certainly never asked to become immortal.

Freidkin Azimuth Wolf 001

Frederick Azimuth makes his first appearance

Wolfe changes the subject with Azimuth. He asks if he can rescind his decision to raise the rent for his friend, Freddy Chtonic. Azimuth agrees and calls Freidkin Blatty to reduce the rate for him.

Meanwhile at Wolfe's house, Freddy Chtonic is shocked by Anita's Grandmother. She tells him that Anita is the daughter of Sterling Gibson. He suddenly realized that Wolfe was hired to stalk the Grandmother. Anita tells them both that she already knows that her father is a satanist and wants her for some sacrificial reason. She explains her foster parents were going to kill her, but she was saved by Gibson. A sudden knock on the door interrupts them and Simmons suddenly burst in the room.

Later, Wolfe races home in his car. He spots Anita walking in the street by herself. He calls Freddy as he was supposed to be watching her. Instead, Simmons answers Freddy's phone. He tells Wolfe he knows about his brother. If he wants his brother and Freddy to live, to meet them at the meeting point tomorrow.

Meanwhile at the police station, the police officers are still trying to piece together clues as to how Wolfe is connected with Azimuth.

Back at his house, Wolfe prepares to banish Anita's grandmother. However, instead of sending her to hell, he locks her in a box.

Meanwhile, Simmons visits Gibson. When he calls Gibson his father, he's sternly corrected and reminded to never call him that again. Gibons tells him everything is going to his plan. He's surprised the girl is already stronger than Simmons as he prepares a needle to extract his blood. He tells Simmons that the old woman was a diversion.

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Freddy's in trouble.


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