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Youngblood currently consists of two of the original members, a few members who have rejoined the team and one new addition.

Youngblood comics bibliography

Note that many issues (especially #1s) were printed with multiple variant covers.


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  • Originally, Rob Liefeld intended to co-write DC's Teen Titans alongside Marv Wolfman, but the series fell through, and so it became known as Youngblood. The original characters from the series were based on the characters of Teen Titans.
  • According to Liefeld, Youngblood is based on a theory that if superheroes did exist, they would be treated in a similar fashion to celebrities. Throughout the series there are numerous references the celebrity lifestyle and fame.
  • The unofficial debut of Youngblood was in an advertisement in Megaton: Explosion, but the Megaton Special being advertised was never released.

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