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Appearing in "Dead Set on Destruction"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Wendall Petersen





Synopsis for "Dead Set on Destruction"

In Washington, D.C., Youngblood meets with Dr. Wendall Petersen, creator of Overtkill, who has reassembled and upgraded the cyborg.  Despite Petersen’s assurances that Overtkill is back under control, Shaft remains hesitant to endorse reactivating him as a military asset.  In New York, Petersen’s brother Kendall explains to mobster Tony Twist that he installed a homing device in Overtkill and that they can use it to retrieve him from the government.  A week later, Overtkill awakens and breaks free of his restraints.  Badrock, Diehard, and Shaft arrive to subdue him. Following a brief battle, Shaft fires an arrow full of acid that disintegrates much of Overtkill’s body upon impact.  Overtkill responds by detaching his head from his body and fleeing.  Diehard flies after him in pursuit, chasing him into space, but the lack of oxygen causes Diehard to fall back to Earth.  In New York, Overtkill crashes into Tony Twist’s office and tells the mobster they need to talk.

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