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Synopsis for the 1st Story

In Spawn’s New York alley, Chapel demands he reveal how he came back to life. Reluctantly, Spawn relates how, after Chapel killed him, he went to Hell and came back as Spawn five years later. Chapel believes he can come back with powers, too.  On Baffin Island, Warwolf attacks Knightsabre, taunting him over how they used to work together.  Psilence and Task fight through Argus units while Badrock faces Blackrock.  Task decapitates Blackrock, but he simply reattaches his head to his body.  Psilence then defeats him with her telepathy.  In New York, Spawn watches as Chapel commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.  Knightsabre continues fighting Warwolf until Shaft arrives and shoots the villain full of arrows.  Maddock enters the fray himself but is taken down by Shaft as well.  Elsewhere, Link emerges from a portal into an alley and kills the attackers pursuing him.  He finds Colonel Bravo waiting for him.  In Canada, Psilence cries out, having telepathically sensed Chapel’s death.


  • This issue continues from Youngblood Vol 1 8. It continues in Extreme Sacrifice Vol 1 1.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Youngblood: Baptism of Fire trade paperback (1996) with three new pages added:
    • one of Task about to strike with his sword,
    • another of Chapel telling Spawn "And there ain't a thing you can do to STOP me!",
    • one of Spawn yelling "Nooooooo!".

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