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Plot Synopsis for "Prophecy"

A team who call themselves the Berzerkers are trying to rescue a man named Kirby from an army of robotic beings controlled by a mastermind named Darkthornn. They beat the guards and free him. They run off to save the day. Meanwhile, Darkthornn is watching them, vowing that "the prophecy will not come to pass".

In Berlin, Youngblood have been called in to bring something back to the United States. A cryogenically-frozen man by the name of Prophet. The scientists who found him tell the story: Dr. Garnet Wells, the "mad" scientist, was working on human experimentation in 1937, using homeless people as test subjects. It was also rumored that he was using superhuman technology. One subject, Jonathan Taylor Prophet, developed superhuman strength, speed and stamina as a result. Wells gave Prophet an "outlandish" uniform and weapons, but disappeared sometime in the Second World War. Now, Youngblood must take Prophet back to the States for further research.

Cougar objects that this man's work will be exploited, but Combat tells him it is their job. Cougar notices a timer on the cryogenic tube, but just as he begins to investigate, the tube opens, unleashing a wave of energy and freeing Prophet. Prophet mistakes Youngblood for the Disciples of Doom, and a fight begins. Prophet disables Cougar and Combat, but Bramha breaks his neck. However, just as they are ready to bring him home, the Disciples of Doom themselves arrive for Prophet... mere seconds ahead of the Berzerkers, led by Kirby!

Appearing in "Enter -- Shadowhawk"

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Plot Synopsis for "Enter -- Shadowhawk"

An angry vigilante in a dark costume tells us how he has had enough and has decided to fight criminals. We see him beat up a gang of crooks and break their spines. the vigilante leaves, as the narration proclaims "You are ShadowHawk, And you are taking back the night."


  • This issue is dedicated to Jack Kirby.
  • Richard Horie is credited as a "Technical Assistant".
  • This issue includes trading cards of Diehard and Bedrock drawn by Rob Liefeld.
  • "Prophecy" is reprinted in:
    • Youngblood trade paperback (1993);
    • Youngblood vol. 1 hardcover (2008).
  • "Enter--Shadowhawk" is reprinted in the Shadowhawk: Out of the Shadows trade paperback published in 1993.


  • Several elements of "Prophecy" are analogous to elements from DC Comics' Fourth World franchise:
    • Darkthornn to Darkseid;
    • the planet D'khay to Apokolips;
    • the "crash tunnels" Darkthornn's forces use to travel are similar to Boom Tubes.
  • The character of Jackson Kirby is an homage to Fourth World creator Jack Kirby.

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