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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Prophet continues to battle the never-ending onslaught of Disciples, though his Body Banks are continually depleted. Both the Youngblood away team and the Berzerkers are down, and Prophet feels that he knows the one called Kirby.

Meanwhile, a Katellan spaceship is scanning the Earth for any signs of the renegade Combat. An Accuran ambassador insists that Lt. Khm'bt is the traitor they're looking for, although the Katellan Admiral Kh'rk has his doubts.

In D.C., Shaft and Badrock are just finishing a press conference when they are alerted to a jailbreak at the Pentagon. Shaft, Badrock, and Chapel arrive to find The Four making their escape. The Four try to teleport away, but Chapel is able to shoot Gage clear of the beam. Just as Shaft starts to interrogate Gage, Diehard appears with the news that a distress signal has been received from Berlin, and the team is needed immediately.

Appearing in "Enter -- Supreme"

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Plot Synopsis for "Enter -- Supreme"

A man named Mr. Gate is talking to his assistant Smithers about the new HeavyMettle team. He is concerned that each of the members may prove hard to control and that a strong leader is what the team still needs. Smithers comments that there may not be a man on Earth who is up to the task, as Supreme is seen streaking through space.


  • The Savage Dragon is mentioned in the press meeting (as well as a New York "phantom" and East-Coast "spine-breaker", obviously referring to Spawn and Shadowhawk).
  • Richard Horie is credited as a "Technical Assistant".


  • Though the backup story has the title "Enter -- Supreme" on the cover, the inside page has the title "Enter -- HeavyMettle."

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