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  • David Kellerman (First Appearance)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

After leaving Honduras, operative Col. Bravo escapes unknown pursuers by jumping onto a ship bound for the U.S.  His destination is Washington, D.C. where he plans to contact Shaft.  En route to confront Cybernet in Nevada, Diehard, Combat, Dutch, and Vogue question their mission having become convinced the government has deemed them expendable.  In New York, Badrock is a guest on a late-night talk show when a woman in the audience pulls a gun and announces her intent to kill the host for romantically rejecting her. She fires, but Badrock saves the host by taking the shot with his invulnerable body then uses his super-strength to catch the shooter.  Afterward, Badrock’s agent Robert Steiner is ecstatic about the good publicity that Badrock will receive for his actions.  At the White House, Shaft is displeased and rude when Graves introduces three new recruits for Youngblood:  Troll, Knightsabre, and the android Diehard II.  Suddenly, the windows in the room shatter due to an explosion outside.  The terrorist Brotherhood of Man announce themselves, intent on attacking U.S. government leaders.  Shaft leads the new team members into action, and they impress him by how effectively they take down the terrorists.  Just as the media arrives, Graves thinks to himself that everything is going according to plan.  Later, at the airport in New York, Steiner flips through a newspaper looking for coverage of Badrock but instead finds an article praising Troll.


  • The story continues in Team Youngblood #10.
  • This issue also includes:
    • a poster of Youngblood by Rob Liefeld and Danny Miki;
    • a four-page sketchbook of Youngblood pages and characters by Liefeld;
    • a three-page comic by Liefeld in which he proposes to his long-time girlfriend, Joy Beth Creel.
  • This issue is reprinted in Youngblood: Baptism of Fire trade paperback (1996).


  • The character of David Kellerman is a pastiche of American comedian and late night talk show host David Letterman.

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