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Other Characters:

  • Bobby (Death)
  • Chas (Death)
  • Suggsy




Synopsis for the 1st Story

Aboard a jet en route to confront Maddock, Shaft is uncertain about the group assembled for the mission, specifically new members Knightsabre and Troll, Bloodpool recruits Psilence and Task, and the Die Hard 3000 units.  In Manhattan, Chapel shoots and kills several of the bums living in Spawn’s alley.  He taunts Spawn, threatening to kill more; Spawn demands to know what he wants.  Youngblood arrives at Maddock’s base on Baffin Island in Canada.  Badrock deploys first, plunging into the facility and attacking Blackrock.  The rest of the team follows, destroying Maddock’s Argus units.  Maddock refuses to surrender just as Warwolf announces himself. On a ship in the Gulf of Mexico, Colonel Bravo ponders events to come.


  • This story continues in Youngblood vol. 1 #10. The next issue is a standalone story as part of Image X Month.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Youngblood: Baptism of Fire trade paperback published in 1996.

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