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Synopsis for "Babewatch part 1"

From the Himalayas, Diabolique magically surveys the world and sees Glory living among men while the other Amazonians remain isolated on their Isle of Paradise. Disgusted, she intends to destroy Glory. Youngblood is in a training session when suddenly all the male members turn into women.  Diabolique has cast a spell turning all the men Glory has ever met into females, affecting superheroes across the globe.  At the Pentagon, the stunned members of Youngblood have gathered to figure out what to do when Diabolique arrives and attacks.  Meanwhile, several floors below, Psi-Fire awakens.  In D.C., Glory is with a transformed and distraught SuperPatriot trying to discern what has happened.  Riptide calls to tell her Diabolique is attacking the Pentagon, and Glory flies off.  She arrives at the Pentagon and immediately attacks Diabolique.  The sorceress retaliates by having the transformed Youngblood members, now in her thrall, subdue Glory.  After Badrock beats Glory to a pulp, Diabolique opens a portal to the Isle of Paradise and sends the transformed members through.  Glory is left behind, beaten and unconscious on the floor.


  • This issue is part one of the two-part "Babewatch" crossover with Glory. The story continues in Glory vol. 1 #8.

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