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Appearing in "Extreme Destroyer part 4: Blow Up"

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  • Obedience

Synopsis for "Extreme Destroyer part 4: Blow Up"

Riptide finds Vogue crying out of worry that Diehard no longer loves her.  Riptide comforts her, but Knightsabre enters and dismisses Diehard as a machine.  Keever, New Man, and Sentinel enter and inform Vogue she will be part of the first strike against the Keep.  Graves’ successor Dredd enters and asks where Battlestone is.  Sentinel says that Stone and Shaft have both disappeared.  Aboard the Keep’s slave ship, Cougar asks Brahma why he returned to the team, but Brahma refuses to explain.  Cougar then tries to cheer up a despondent Shaft.  Their cellmates, villains Elemental and Girth, plot an escape.  In Peru, Maximage has teleported Chapel to the crashed ship to search it with Extreme Warrior.  Inside, they find Battlestone and Bloodstrike in stasis.  At the Pentagon, Forsythe reveals that Quantum has gone missing, but New Man claims there is no cause for alarm.  Meanwhile, a Youngblood strike team materializes aboard the main Keep ship along with Roman and Wylder.  Elsewhere, Maximage interrupts the Ancient meditating with Kid Supreme.  When he asks why she has returned, New Man teleports in members of Youngblood and Bloodpool and says she is back because he willed it.  They then teleport away with the Ancient, leaving Kid Supreme behind.  Aboard the Keep ship, the strike team is attacked by a superpowered team called the New Guard.  The Shepherd observes the battle.  Back at the Pentagon, Dredd and his android assistant Kia discover Psi-Fire has escaped his cell.


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