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Synopsis for "Hateful"

Riots have broken out in Los Angeles following the murder conviction of an African-American actor, and a Youngblood team deploys to quell the violence.  As the team tries to subdue the rioters, Sentinel suddenly turns on his teammates.  At the Pentagon, Dredd scolds Battlestone over recent events and demands he find Psi-Fire.  In a hidden chamber beneath Washington, D.C., an alien called Sith that feeds on negative emotions is using Psi-Fire as a conduit to telepathically stoke hatred across the globe.  Battlestone briefs the Youngblood members still in D.C. and orders them to split up to find Psi-Fire.  Back in L.A., all the Youngblood members except for Diehard turn on each other, spewing insults.  Diehard brings them back to their senses by pointing out a mob attacking a children’s hospital.  The team pulls together, breaks up the mob, and subdues the rioters.  Sentinel says his mind was in a haze while fighting, suggesting some kind of mind control.  He calls Battlestone who suspects Psi-Fire is responsible.  After apologizing to each other, the members of Youngblood fly back to D.C. En route, they learn that Sith used Psi-Fire to cause the hate plague and that Maximage has returned Psi-Fire to Youngblood custody.  Later, Shaft remains depressed about being Nu-Gene positive and ponders what to do. A man named Jeriko appears, claiming to know Shaft’s future.


  • This issue is part of the "Hate!" event featured across the Extreme Universe line of titles in early 1996. In Maximage #3, Maximage identifies the alien Sith as the source of the psychic hate plague and stops him.

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