Real Name
Zandale Randolph
Current Alias
Bulletproof, Invincible
Mr. Randolph (father, deceased),
Harriet Randolph (mother, deceased),
Tyrone Randolph (twin brother, deceased)
Base Of Operations
Guardians of The Globe base in Utah, Teen Team base, Guardians of The Globe base on the Moon.

Unusual Features
His trademark hairstyle
Marital Status
Adventurer, Painter
High School
Place of Birth
First appearance


Zandale Randolph goes by the superhero name "Bulletproof", and temporarily "Invincible" when he was filling in for Invincible (Mark Grayson).


Zandale Randolph was born to Mr. Randolph and Harriet Randolph. He also had a twin brother, Tyrone. Zandale’s parents strongly favored Tyrone over Zandale. While his brother pursued science, Zandale would pursue painting and a carefree lifestyle. Zandale would soon discover Tyrone’s obsession with superpowers. One night, Tyrone would drug Zandale and have Zandale be an unwillingy subject in his brother’s superpower project. Since Zandale and Tyrone were identical twins, their DNA was the exact same and Tyrone thought it would be perfect if the project worked on Zandale. His project would be a success and Zandale would get superpowers. However, Tyrone would be killed and disintegrated in the process. Zandale would learn to control his powers to help others and fight crime occasionally. He would adopt the name of Bulletproof for his superhero name.

Guardians Of The Globe

Zandale would try out for the new Guardians of the Globe, although he wouldn’t make the final cut. He is later added to the team because the Guardian’s liason felt his flight ability was needed. His first mission would be to stop an alien invasion with other Guardian members. They are successful, but only because the aliens retreat. Robot is removed as leader of the team and Immortal is put in his place. While Invincible attempts to take down Machine Head with Titan, The Guardians arrive. Bulletproof and Black Samson attempt to fight Battle Beast. However, Battle Beast almost kills them and the duo is left to recover from their injuries. Robot would visit Zandale in his recovery with Zandale disagreeing with Immortal being the leader. After Zandale recovers, he and the Guardians see the aftermath of Mark’s battle with Mauler and Angstrom Levy. Zandale and many other superhero factions would attempt to stop a villain named Omnipotus, a being who threaten to take their reality’s cosmic energy. He is defeated by Black Samson, recovering his powers and from his injuries. Zandale and other Guardians would attempt to stop a villain named Mastermind, a person who can control minds.

Invincible stops him by dropping a rock on him 500 meters in the air. Next, they stop the Lizard League. Zandale and the other Guardians would be one of the few to see Robot in a clone of Rex. He would also be present in finding out about the Immortal and Dupli-Kate’s relationship. Shapesmith would help capture Doctor Seismic and join the Guardians. After hearing the news of Dupli-Kate and Immortal’s marriage, Cecil would interrupt and send anyone on the team with strong skin tissue to Mars to stop the Sequids. Zandale sleeps until the Sequids destroy their ship. Eve creates a force field for those who can’t breathe in space. Immortal, Invincible, and Zandale push towards the bubble and crash into the Martian ship. While the Martian dispute with Shapesmith, Zandale smashes one of the Sequids, alerting the other ones of the Guardian’s presence. Robot manages to use a pulse to knock away the Sequids.The Sequids overwhelm them and Eve forms a barrier around Zandale and the others. The barrier collapses, but Shapesmith uses his shapeshifting to guard him while tries again. Mark grabs the device after a brief dispute over Immortal over who should deliver the final blow. Mark emits the pulse and rescues Rus Livingston. The Mars ruler thanks them, but says that Shapesmith will be executed. The Guardians decide to take him with them to Earth and escape the Martians. Afterwards, Doctor Sesmic would summon Magmamite monsters to all over the US and Zandale would be with the Guardians in Utah. They are all captured along with many other superhero factions. They are saved by Reanimen and Darkwing II. Zandale would relax after with Robot, Monster Girl, Shapesmith, and Rex Splode. Mark crashes into the building and seeks their aid. They accept after Cecil emits a frequency into Mark’s ears. He is restrained by one of the Reanimen. After, Zandale decides to quit the Guardians and move to the former Teen Team base. Zandale and other Guardians would respond to a villain named Powerplex, looking for Mark. They are swooped away, only for Powerplex to escape.

Invincible War

Zandale would be one of the many Image Comic heroes to respond to the call of the alternate versions of Mark attacking their reality. He would be lose his hand battling one of them. He rescues his Rudolph Conners, Monster Girl, while Rex turns himself into a suicide bomb to kill one of evil Marks. Zandale gets his wound bandaged and finds out that Angstrom Levy was behind the whole event. Zandale is knocked back by Angstrom's orbs and when Angstrom escapes, he is transported for medical attention, receiving a new artificial hand.

Invincible War: The Aftermath

Zandale would arrive with the other Guardians and other superheroes factions to help assist in moving the debris. Zandale would also arrive to see Mark, nearly killed during his battle with Conquest. He would later attend Rex's funeral, looking on with sorrow after losing his teammate.

Sequid Invasion

Sometime after Mark's battle with Conquest, Robot decides that they should join the Guardians of the Globe again. They are sent to stop the Sequids again, now that they are on Earth. Zandale and the other Guardians are overwhelmed by them until Mark kills their host.

Guarding The Globe v1

Before Mark left to fight in the Viltrumite War, Zandale and other Guardians would have him assist in stopping a Flaxan invasion. They are successful after Robot finding out what is suppressing their advanced aging. Robot and Monster Girl would head into the Flaxan dimension to stop their threat one and for all. Zandale would also occasionally help out Eve with her Invincible Inc. business. Zandale would go to Black Samson's estate with Shapesmith and his girlfriend, Carla. Afterwards, Zandale and other Guardians would be sent to recruit Kaboomerang. While Mark is away fighting in the Viltrumite War, Zandale would help Eve with the Invincible Inc business as Bulletproof. They head to their base in Utah to hear that Octoboss has taken over Atlantis from Lethan. Lethan explains that he used Mark's help to become Atlanis's monarch. Zandale and the others head to Atlantis and stop Octoboss. However, since they all beat him, they were all declared monarchs of Altanis. Shapesmith would pretend to be Octoboss and have Lethan beat him so they wouldn't be forced to live in Atlantis. The next night, Zandale would invite many Guardian members to see his gallery, with them not knowing his paintings are of naked women in sexual poses. He would also meet a new member, Outrun. He would drink very much and be hung over that he would miss an important Guardian mission. Bulletproof and Yeti would assist in Wolf-Man in stopping a villain named Gorgg. They defeated him by flying to Britain and laying pieces of Stone Henge on him. Cecil would send Zandale to China to ask Best Tiger to join. He accepts and they head to get briefed. Zandale would be sent to Madrid, Spain to stop Slaying Mantis with Outrun, but is unsuccessful. They are sent back to be briefed and are told to stick together because there is a villain behind the scenes. Zandale is sent to England with Daniel and Outrun, with Outrun attempting to flirt with him. They also learned that Cast Iron had been killed after his encounter with War Woman II and he attends to the funeral with other guardians. While Zandale is looking for food, Outrun surprises him and manages to seduce Zandale, sleeping with him. The Guardians arrive in Paris and Set is unmasked, causing him to leave.

Replacing Invincible

After Monster Girl and Rex had returned from the Flaxan dimension, the Guardians would throw a welcoming party for them in which Zandale would attend. Zandale would attempt to sleep with Amanda, but she refuses him. Next, Zandale would rush to orbit with other Guardians to see that Mark, Thragg, Allen the Alien, and Oliver Grayson were there. Zandale asks that the four come to Guardian custody, but Mark refuses. They end up battling the four and the battle takes a turn when Oliver flies into Earth. The Guardians go to the Viltrumite warship after Mark was infected with the Scourge Virus. Zandale comforts a grieving Eve. While Mark is out of action, Zandale decides to help Eve with the Invincible Inc. business. He removes his cornrows and shaves his facial hair so he looks more like Invincible, citing his problem prior being Bulletproof. Zandale would handle The Walking Dread after he attacked an electrical plant. Zandale takes him down and flies over to the Grayson Household to see Eve crying. Zandale believed Eve needed sex and offered it, but Eve refused him. He flies back to his house, regretting what he said to Eve. Carla awaits him and they sleep together. After mentioning his new job as Invincible, Carla began to cry and asks he slept with her like he did with Outrun. Zandale assures he hasn’t and to make it up to her, Zandale takes her out for dinner. Their date is interrupted by Eve needing his help is fighting Dinosaurus. Zandale rushes to Dinosaurus’s base and attacks him, believing he kidnapped Mark. Allen and Oliver come in to and Mark attacks Allen, causing severe damage to his arm. He goes with the Guardians to stop Octoboss and their combined efforts defeat him. Zandale flies home and notices Carla crying. Carla reminds him of her low culinary skills and begins to cry. Carla reminds him that Zandale’s parents are coming over. He uses his super speed and cleans his apartment. Carla wishes that Zandale reveal the truth about Tyrone, but Zandale refuses to. He notices that the Flaxan invasion on London and rushes to it, lying to his parents about it. Their leader arrives and Zandale attacks him. Robot intervenes and Zandale evacuate the citizens. After Monster Girl defeated him, Zandale headed home with a broken arm. Carla reveals that his parents are still here and he would have some explaining to do. Zandales reveals about how Tyrone was killed by his own experiment and how Zandale would pretend to be him so that his parents, believing his parents wouldn’t believe what Tyrone did. Zandale would go on to say that he now knew how much Tyrone was favored over him. Zandale’s parent refused to believe him and his mother threaten to call the police, believe he killed Tyrone. Carla smashes her head with a skillet and Zandale’s father begins to pummel her. Zandale attempts to stop him, but snaps his neck, killing him in the process. In order to cover what happened, Zandale put his parents in their car and dropped it over a hill, making it seem like they died in a car accident. He would later attend their funeral to cover Carla and his's roles in their deaths.

Guarding The Globe v2

Zandale would catch Outrun and Le Bruiser smoking. Zandale would assist the Guardians in a rescue in Bangladesh and evacuate citizens. Zandale also learned that Outrun was possessed by Embrace and that is the reason why he slept with Zandale, El Chupabara, Shapesmith, and Kaboomerang. Zandale gets angry and leaves.

The Death of Everyone

Zandale would meet with Mark and Mark lets him keep his old costume. After hearing about Dinosaurus had planned to set off a bomb in Los Angeles, Zandale and other Guardians set off to evacuate citizens. Zandale would be one of the many people to see Mark’s “death” on live television.

Invincible Universe

Zandale later learns that Mark isn't dead, and defends him from an angry Rex, claiming that everybody makes mistakes (he is referring to when he accidentally killed his own father) When Mark dons his old costume, the two are both Invincible, though Zandale is also on the Guardians of the Globe. Zandale learns that this entire time his teammate Le Bruiser is a girl. He also stops the Lizard League with his teammates. Later, Rex proceeds to take over the world.

Rex takes over the world

Most of the Guardians of the Globe manage to escape Rex, but the rest are killed. Zandale betrays his teammates and allows Rex to capture and imprison the majority of the rest of them. Later, Zandale works with Rex to capture the Immortal. However, the Immortal activates a bomb inside him, blowing himself up and permanently scarring half of Zandale's face. The Guardians manage to escape, though later half of them end up working for Rex anyway. Rex offers to fix Zandale's face, but he replies that he wants to keep it this way, to remind himself of all the horrible things he has done (like killing his own father).

Alternate Versions

  • An older version of Zandale Randolph was seen to be one of the members of the Guardians of the Globe from the future who rescued Invincible when he became stranded in an alternate reality after an encounter with Angstrom Levy.
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Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Energy Absorption: Bulletproof has the superhuman ability to absorb kinetic energy , storing the energy within his body to fuel his superhuman abilities.
    • Flight: When Bulletproof is fully charged, he can fly at speeds approximately 750 miles per hour.
    • Self-Sustenance: He can survive in anaerobic environments indefinitely, by the simple method of not breathing, as his body can be entirely sustained by his natural kinetic energy absorbing powers. He also does not require food or drink, though he apparently enjoys both. Even without training muscles are brawny and body shape remain's perfect no matter how much calories he intakes.
    • Invulnerability: He is nearly impervious to physical harm. His natural energy absorbing powers protect him from injury from objects invested with kinetic energy e.g. bullets, shrapnel, physical blows.
    • Enhanced Healing Factor: He can heal from any injuries and damages much faster than humans. He is immune to all diseases. He was able to completely and perfectly regenerate from all the injuries and damage he sustained from his fight with Battle Beast within two weeks. His natural energy absorbing powers allow him to speed his healing process up further.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: He can react fast enough to easily dodge bullets with his autonomic nervous reaction skills. Although due to his invulnerability he tends to to automatically catch, intercept, and block bullets from hitting others.
    • Superhuman Speed He has speed beyond Human levels. He's able to observe more and as well as perceive reality when at high speeds (making everything appear slow-motion).
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength: He has incredible strength that can use to land powerful blows on his opponents and lift great weights.



  • Bulletproof cannot indefinitely sustain a charge of kinetic energy and a maximum exertion of his powers will immediately drain him of his energy.
  • Bulletproof's resistance to injury does not extend to attacks that do not generate large amounts of kinetic energy such as strangling or crushing attacks.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before the name Invincible was settled on, Bulletproof was one of the proposed names of the main character of the series. His costume also appears to be based on early designs for Invincible's.


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