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Red eyes when experiencing a need to feed. Abrnormally sharp canines.
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In the summer of 1916, Zechariah's life would change forever. After losing his first family to fever, he would eventually remarry and get impregnate his wife. In order to help take care of his family, he needed a job. He would try construction, but be turned down everytime he did. One night, he would be bitten by a vampire who had been watching him for nearly day. He would hear two other arguing and wake up finding that he is now a vampire. Familiar with Bram Stroker's Dracula, he would believe that vampires had lived in secret and were a powerful nation. Overloaded with excitement, he was happy to become a vampire. He would come to find out that it wasn't true and that they were too disorganized. The den mother there reveals that he was turned because he looked intelligent and she wanted him to lead them. He refused and chose to escape instead, learning to adapt to his powers very quickly. He would go back home to his pregnant wife and waits a long time before he told her of his vampirism. He would lie about him getting a new job and they would move to the city, as he needed blood. He would become a hero in New York and would kill criminals who deserved to die so that he could sustain his blood reliance. He would attempt to force the vampire nation out of secret so that they could help in him ruling the Earth. Sometime after coming to this revelation, his wife would give birth to a son and eventually die by unknown causes. He would offer his son a chance to become a vampire, but he would refuse and he would grow old to be stationed in St. Mercy Hospital [1]


Zechariah would sneak into Gary's house upon discovering that he is a werewolf. He offers to train Gary as his mentor. Gary asks why and Zechariah reveals himself to be a vampire [2]. The next few weeks, Zechariah would go training with Gary, teaching him how to use his Wolf form. Their training would end as the sun rises up. The next night, he would observe Gary rescuing people stuck in a hot building. Zechariah recommends that Gary get a costume so that he looks more friendly. He takes him to Arthur Rosebaum's shop and he is given a costume. Next, he would watch as Gary fights Spore along with the Actioneers. [3]. Upon seeing Gary kill Sergeant Superior, Zechariah would take him and convert into a vampire, though keeping that a secret from Gary [4]. Over the few weeks, he would emerge suddenly, enraging Gary. Zechariah reveals that he knew about Gary killing and he wanted to learn from it.

Character Powers and Equipment

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  • Vampirism
    • Transformation: Zechariah can transform into the form of a gray mist or a bat.
    • Fangs: Zechariah's teeth are capable of piercing the flesh of Humans and superhumans
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Immortality: Zechariah is immortal in the sense that he cannot age. Since he got his vampirism in 1916, Zechariah lived for almost a century has not aged since. Zechariah, however, can be killed by sunlight or having his heart eaten.
  • Superhuman Endurance


  • Blood Reliance: Because Zechariah is a vampire, a lack of blood can cause him to go feral. He also needs to the blood to live
  • Vulnerability to Sunlight: Because of Zechariah status as a vampire, he cannot stay in the Sun for too long or he will be disintegrated

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  • Since Zechariah has the same physical appearance as he did in 1916, Zechariah was likely born in the mid to late 1800s.


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